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Ms Neerajlata Sharmalata
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Education & Skill Development, Other ( defence )
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Biography of Mr. Kemo K. Ceesay Mr. Kemo K. Ceesay is the Director of Energy at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in The Gambia. Mr. Ceesay was born in Jarumeh Koto Village, Central River Region, The Gambia. He received Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics in 1999 from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada. Upon completing his undergraduate degree program, Mr. Ceesay joined the services of The Gambia Government as Energy Officer in 2000. In 2006, Mr. Ceesay received Master’s Degree in Business Administration from National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan. Mr. Ceesay has worked in the public sector for almost two decades since joining the services of the Gambia Government in 2000. He rose through the ranks in the energy sector until 2012 when he was appointed Director of Energy. During his career in the energy sector, Mr. Ceesay attended many courses in Energy and participated in many international conferences on Energy and Environment. With years of experience in the energy sector, Mr. Ceesay has good understanding of energy and public policy issues in developing countries. He participated in developing, managing and supervising many energy projects, particularly small renewable energy projects. He has worked on many donor funded energy projects and has good knowledge of project financing. Mr. Ceesay’s special interest of work is off-grid renewable deployments, particularly Green Mini-Grids.
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The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MoPE) was formally created in 2016 following the merger of the Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Petroleum and is also granted purview of the Geological Department in 2017. It has gazetted mandates spanning across; -The use of mineral resources, petroleum and energy as a stimulus for economic growth; - Employment and sustainable development; -The efficient and sustainable harnessing of hydrocarbon and mineral potentials as well as the availability of reliable and adequate, affordable and sustainable energy supply to power the economy of The Gambia.

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