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Mr Bruce Mwamba Mushipi
Head of Finance
Zambian Financial sector deepening
Industry / Sector
Other ( Financial sector Deepening )
Personal Profile
Bruce is Fellow member of the Zambia Institute of chartered accountants, Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Chartered global management accountant and also holds a Masters of Business Administration – Strategic Planning Specialization with Edinburgh school of business. More than 18 years solid financial management experience Areas of specialty include but not limited to 1.0 Conducting due diligence 2.0 Budgeting 3.0 Compliance 4.0 Risk management 5.0 Financial management
Company Profile
We are a Zambian organisation working closely with key players throughout the economy to ensure that all Zambians are financially healthy, particularly the most excluded and underserved. We help rural families, women, youth, low income people, and other households in Zambia to understand and access a wide range of sustainable, comparable and affordable financial services. To expand financial inclusion, we collaborate with both public and private sector institutions to make financial markets work better. FSD Zambia enhances trust between clients and suppliers of financial services by helping to increase their understanding, expand innovation, and lower costs. In this way all women, men, girls and boys can learn about, choose, and use a wide range of financial services according to their needs. FSD Zambia enjoys the active support of financing partners UK Aid, SIDA, Rural Finance Expansion Programme (RUFEP) and Comic Relief/Jersey Overseas Aid

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