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Ms Horitia Mukuka Mulenga
Berachah import & Exporters
Industry / Sector
Agriculture & Allied Services, Trade
Personal Profile
Name: Horitia M.B.Mulenga Aged: 47yrs Education Background: CIM Marketing Diploma Designation: Director Brief Background-As I have stated from above , I’m a female aged 47years running a company called Berachah import and Exporters. After school I study marketing at the Zambia institute of management and later joined a company called Dove Computing Services as sales officer and worked there for seven (7) years. The company was into software development creating accounting, Zambian tailored payroll software and other customised software. Which allowed me to have computer literacy and forced me to understand some accounting principles. When I left there I decided to open a shop which only sold fish varieties for two years, I was approached to help set up a company that traded only in paper products and help manage the marketing department. I helped grow the company from just trading within Lusaka to all over the country and even started exporting to Zimbabwe. After three years the company grew then came the directors’ wrangles over the company finances making it difficult work and I decided to leave. I finally had enough of being employed and decided to register my own company Berachah Import & Exporters to trade generally but also to be able to import and export. We started by getting contracts with FRA for maize marketing apart from that, also served as grain brokers for other traders since we had market all over. Currently we want to start scheme out grow for certain crops that are easy to manage for export and grow like sorghum, sunflower, etc. then look at orchards as a long term project.
Company Profile
BERACHAH IMPORT & EXPORTERS Berachah import & Exporters trading as Berachah Enterprises which started as a trading company was registered in 20 12,with our main line of business being grain trading .We did many contract with the food reserve Agency (FRA) mainly non GMO maize both white and discoloured maize. Apart from that we also operated as trade brokers for other traders for other grains such as sorghum,soya beans ,cow peas, sunflower ,maize brain e.t.c. because of market we were able to provide both local and abroad. Because of high demand of commodities and scarcity of certain grain in and out of season we started to engage farmers into what is called out grow schemes. This were we acquire inputs for the farmers in promise collect some of the agreed produce and buy them off of the rest. Due to some challenges we faced poor rain conditions in certain areas and poor management by some farmers, we decided to go into farming and do some of the grain ourselves apart from that we have started to plant orchards that can be traded on international commercial market. Having considered the direction of our operation and climate change we decided to start acquiring land in different parts of the country were the rain pertain is reasonable and intent invest in a number of farming equipment such as irrigation systems, tractors, harvesters etc. so as to do the work more effectively and efficiently. Nevertheless we may have to do it gradually and consciously .we would also like to look into investment partnership if we have to expand and grow. Also having a good and cheaper supply source of farming materials and inputs is a great concern of our company. A good ready market is the issue we looking into apart from demand we want constancy and profitability our produce.

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