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Mr Brijesh Ishwarbhai Patel
Managing Director
Moleskin Textile Limited
Industry / Sector
Personal Profile
A professional in textile. Am a Zambian born Indian. Having lived in Zambia studied textile in India, hoping to do some manufacturing in textile industry in Zambia. After some study of the textile sector in Zambia have come up with a project of our own.
Company Profile
Moleskin Textile Ltd is a registered company which will carry out its operations within Zambia. It will be engaged in the manufacturing of assorted textile fabrics. The company will utilise cotton lint that is grown locally for the manufacture of its final products. The cotton lint that is grown in Zambia is mostly exported to other countries that then process it further. Moleskin Textile Ltd will utilise this cotton as its raw material to manufacture various types of fabrics which in turn will satisfy a wide range of local consumers’ needs. It will also export its finished products regionally as well as internationally.

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