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Mr Linus Kelly Chanda
Co-Founder/ CEO
Wind Sun Energy Zambia Limited
Industry / Sector
Power & Energy
Personal Profile
Linus K. Chanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, bias Electrical Power and Machines. He started his career over 25 years at one of the largest hydro power plants in Zambia dealing with operations and maintenance of generating units, their auxiliary and control systems. He was also Team Leader in charge of development and implementation of a Management System that was to conform to international standards on Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental Compliance (ISO 14001) and Safety (OSHAS 18001), before assuming a management responsibility, where he responsible for a Turn-around Strategy, meant to effect positive performance of the national electricity utility. He later led a team and developed and implemented an operations and maintenance regime at a newly constructed 250MW hydropower plant in Uganda, During this time, he also developed and implemented a project to install Solar Home Systems. Linus joined Wind Sun Energy (Z) Limited as Executive Chairman and CEO, a company he co-founded. He brings an extensive and comprehensive understanding of the electricity industry, wide experience in installations and asset management of electricity infrastructure, strategic development and implementation of systems (Quality, Environmental, Safety and Energy Management), and he has vast experience in growth oriented business development. He provides leadership in business and is a true champion in the development of the electricity industry in Africa. Linus has previously served on various national committees that include chairmanship of the Grid Code drafting committee, Power Plant Engineer on Cost of Service Study and member on the Restructuring of the Electricity Industry in Zambia, to name but a few. His wide experience in the electricity industry inspired Linus to spearhead the formation of Chilanga Power Distribution Company. Because of his passion for increased access to electricity by Zambian, Linus felt the need for the Zambian private sector to be fully involved in power supply, especially through establishment of embedded and isolated grids. The establishment of Chilanga Power was meant to be a pilot, which would then be scaled up throughout the country. Linus is a Fellow of the Engineering Institution of Zambia.
Company Profile
1. ABOUT WIND SUN ENERGY (Z) LIMITED Our ambition is to be among the leaders lighting up Africa through implementation of Renewable Energy sources and Energy Efficiency strategies. As an indigenous Zambian company, we plan, ensure construction and operate mini and small hydro power generation facilities. In conjunction with our partners, we also carryout Energy Efficiency assessment, design, implementation and sustained maintenance. This includes commercial and industry sized solar systems, power factor correction, efficient lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and implementation of ISO 50001 – an international standard in Energy Management. We believe that, to realise our ambition, every kWh saved lights up the next person!4. WSEZ CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY a. VISION The WSEZ 3 year Vision is: “Renewable energy Annual Generation = 2,000MWh; Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency Savings = 50,000MWh” or simply stated: “In 3 years, RE = 2,000 MWh, EE/ DSM = 50,000 MWh” b. MISSION “Our mission is to harness the vast African Renewable Energy potential and synergise with the best world-wide technologies to build RE power sources and implement sustainable Energy Efficiency strategies in order to increase access to electricity in Africa.” c. VALUES i. Integrity: We say what we do, and do what we say. We do not compromise reality with material gain; ii. Excellence: We synergise with world-class technologies that meet the African criteria: affordability and sustainability; iii. Innovation: Our solutions invoke change in the conventional ways of energy supply. Our foundation is anchored with customer requirements, which we make viable by identifying and designing unrecognised and unmet need using creative resources; 5. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES a. RENEWABLE ENERGY i. Mini and Small Hydro Power Generation: WSEZ identifies potential sites for mini and small hydropower generation and carries out reconnaissance studies before ensuring that full feasibility and bankability studies are completed. Resource mobilisation and arrangement financing arrangements ii. Commercial and Industrial sized Renewable Energy Systems WSEZ supplies and installs RE systems for commercial businesses and industries as to such clients reduce operational costs by reducing the cost of grid energy and use self generated efficient solar power. These projects are consummated from planning stage through design, installation and commissioning. WSEZ works with international partners to tailor-make each project according to customer requirements and budget, recommending optimal power generating systems for maximum module capacity at low implementation risks and costs. b. ENERGY EFFICIENCY i. Power Factor assessment and Correction A high power factor signals maximum use of electrical power, while a low power factor leads to purchasing more power to obtain the same load kW, which you pay for in various ways on your utility bill. Adherence to network stipulated power factor contributes positively to network voltage support, release of system capacity, and reduced system losses. On the side of consumers, low power factor contributes to high-energy bills for industries.

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