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Delegate Profile

Ms Flore-annie Suzgo Kamanga
Managing Director
FPP Gemstone's Dealers
Industry / Sector
Personal Profile
Flore-Annie Kamanga is a 56 year old lady with great passion in colored stones. Attained a Diploma in Business Management at Chancellor College on E-learners program in 2009, after working as Personal Assistant for 30 years. Due to passion in environment, Flore-Annie Kamanga founded an organization called Heritage Environmental Trust where she embarked on sensitizing students in replacing lost trees. Flore-Annie Kamanga is hardworker and very reliable in her conducts that have seen her win the hearts of many big buyers of stones and hold notable posts in gemstone groups: She is a National Publicity Secretary of Women in Mining In Malawi. A Chairperson of Pamodzi Mining and Extractive Cooperative of the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. Many new comers in the mining industry in Malawi consult her in many issues concerning stones. Flore-Annie Kamanga has travelled widely in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Mozambique both in search of stones and sale of stones. Flore-Annie Kamanga has been trained in gemology by the Mines Department of Malawi. She has been trained in best mining practices too. She has six mines namely: Rose Quartz in Mzimba Malawi; Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Amethyst and Gold mines in Kasungu, Red Garnet mine in Lilongwe, Nkhoma. Flore-Annie Kamanga commands a work force of 60 workers in the mining industry.
Company Profile
FPP Gemstone's Dealers is a niche profit making organization registered on 27 January 2017 solely to mine Rose Quartz and Aquamarine in the Northern part of Malawi. Its offices are in Lilongwe. With the enthusiasm of its Managing Director. FPP Gemstone's Dealers diversed in the buying and selling of many different colored stones found in Malawi. Recently FPP Gemstone's Dealers have embarked on gold search in the Central part of Malawi. FPP Gemstone's Dealers seeks to promote the potential of Malawian Gemstone's for sustainable livelihoods through employment creation and economic empowerment of small scale miners. FPP Gemstone's Dealers mission is to extract, cut, polish and export Gemstone's as a main income generating activity to improve livelihood of common Malawian. FPP wants to impart mining production skills gained through the years through training in collaboration with relevant and interested stakeholders. It wants to establish links with more international organizations in order to access volunteer technical experts to jointly take action to further and advance mutual interest. FPP Gemstone's Dealers takes marketing as a very important component of its business. Participation in Trade Fairs and International gatherings and trainings have paid off the organization through exposure to both local and international markets. FPP Gemstones Dealers takes marketing as very important component of its business as it promotes sales and the welfare of its business as it promotes sales and the welfare of its business. With the high demand of colored stones on both local and international markets, potential for growth is open. With the high demand of colored Gemstone's mined by FPP Gemstone's Dealers both on local and international markets, potential market growth in the coming years is very likely. With such growing demand of colored stones FPP Gemstone's Dealers wants to mobilise funds to increase its working capital. It plans to promote the potential of Malawian stones It wishes to open a jewellery a shop. It involves itself in environmental awareness through afforestation program with primary schools in the country. FPP Gemstone's Dealers wants to acquire machinery and a permanent office. Continue training in gemology and business management.

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