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Agriculture & Allied Services, Mining, Trade
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I am the Co-founder and Director of North East Foods Ltd, a Malawian owned company involved in the production, aggregation, processing and export of various Agricultural commodities. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and currently studying for a Master of Business Administration with the University of Malawi. Prior to concentrating on my business, I have worked for several organization in the private sector and NGOs. I am well conversant and experienced in International trade, logistics and quality control having been the Director of Sales for North East Foods for the past 4 years
Company Profile
COMPANY PROFILE Head Quartered in Lilongwe, North East Foods aggregates processes, and delivers Grains, Pulses, Spices and Herbs from Malawi to the world. Committed to our mission – a new approach to agribusiness commodities trading – North East Foods thrives to offer a comprehensive range of products and services. Our Business Our core mission is global supply of Grains, Pulses, Fruits and Vegetable, Spices and Herbs, Fruit Seedlings and farm inputs. For every need, we put our best efforts to provide efficiently. Through close liaison with first class local grain traders and processors, we can ensure that specific lots are tailored to suit the precise requirements of individual customers. Agricultural produce can be sourced, for example, with higher protein or in particular colors, in close consultation with our customers. By working collaboratively with local suppliers, we are able to build on specialist expertise to maximize client satisfaction. Working closely with our clients, we seek to pinpoint key challenges facing our customers. Many of our services have been refined and developed by learning from and building upon such experiences. Our committed, passionate and devoted team is open to developing new projects and ensuring the very best. Our Core Values As a supplier, we work hard to offer a total service, from interpreting the needs of the customers to delivery. The management of your purchases is further consolidated by our network of local and global contacts at loading and discharge ports. The Market Our company exports Birds Eye Chillies to Italy, Spain, France and the U.K. Furthermore, we also export pulses and grains to Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana. It collects the produce when ready and aggregates them at the Kanengo warehouse where it is sorted, graded and packed in bags ready for dispatch. We have two warehouses in Kanengo, one for the ungraded produce and the other for graded and packed products. The ware houses are 444 square meters and 580 square meters respectively. The company uses the services of SGS to certify the quality of the products before the produce is exported in Break-bulk, 20 or 40- foot containers dependent on contracts. At scale, North East Foods Limited operates three business lines: • Farm and agricultural centre with farmer education and bundled inputs to help smallholder farmers grow and harvest crops more efficiently; • Logistics and supply chain support to navigate the “last mile” to smallholder farms and safely bring produce to the processing facility; and • Processing and packaging facility that prepares finished goods for export to world markets STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS Currently, the company has MOUs with the following Local and International Organizations: Clinton Development initiative: To aggregate , Market and Sale the produce for over 3000 project farmers under the CDI Program. It involves handling of a combined harvest of over 10,000MT of improved varieties of Soyabean and Groundnuts Landolakes ID: link over 2000 project farmers to both local and international markets in several horticultural value chains including Tomato, Onion, Chillies and Fruits

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