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Dr Mikako Le Lay
Business Management Advisor
Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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Other ( Economic body )
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As a senior volunteer of the Japan International Cooperation Agency, I have been promoting activities for new business development at ZACCI since 2018, especially for business matching between foreign companies, such as Japan, and Zambia companies.
Company Profile
The Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) is the umbrella organization representing businesses across the country and across all sectors of the economy. ZACCI was established in 1933 and registered on 11 October under the Register of SocietiesActwith the mandate of advocating for a business environment that promotes business growth. Our Mission: To promote and develop all productive economic activities (including trade, commerce and industry) speaking authoritatively on behalf of the business community and acting as a link between the private sector large and small and Government and organisations having similar objectives to those of ZACCI. Our services: Advocacy and lobbying, Research and Analysis, Information provision and publication, Training, Business matching facilitation through B2B and Business Match Making events, Networking. ZACCI is represented on over 80 boards or committees of Government institutions and thus does have an influence on policy (i.e. Zambia Revenue Authority, Zambia Development Agency etc.) ZACCI Membership (as of 2019. August): Membership is organized at 4 levels: Local chambers (26), Corporates (75), Associations (8), Academia (10).

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